Our kitchen is open every day 5pm-11pm

We are 21+ at all times



Sandwiches! $10

$12 w/ a side

Reubender – We make our own delicious vegan corned beef, slice it thin and lightly sear the outside. Topped with a weave of sour kraut, our delicious house made smokey provolone sauce and Russian dressing inside a grilled rye baguette. This is a hearty sandwich for a hearty bender.
-Recommendation: The Morbid Angel. Our boilermaker, mixing Boneyard RPM IPA and orange vanilla infused bourbon. This creamy IPA is rich with hoppy bite and when mixed with the orange and vanilla bourbon is a perfect match to the sour rye bread and peppery corned beef combination in this savory go-to.

BLT – Strips of bacon style seitan layered with juicy tomato slices and fresh spring mix with a spread of smokey roasted garlic spread in a grilled ciabatta roll. Our original take on this sandwich won us a spot on PETA’s top ten best vegan BLT list. We believe this one to top it.
-Recommendation: The Sabbath. A heavier take on the classic snakebite. We mix the two darkest of our taps, Deschuttes Black Butte Porter with Spire’s Dark and Dry Cider. A sweet and smokey compliment to every crispy bite.

The Weedeater – Get roasted! Marinated portobello mushroom cutlets joined with seasoned and roasted tomatoes, beets, zucchini, and caramelized onions. But that’s not the best part! These steaming veggies are paired with our home made white bean Boursin cheese spread inside a grilled ciabatta.
-Recommendation: The Cure. Styled after the infamous French 75, we take our house infused cucumber mint gin, muddle in lemon and lightly shake in sweetener before topping off with Segura VIdas sparkling wine. What better way to round out delicious roasted vegetables than with a flute of boozy bubbly?

Crazy Train – A lush marinated tofu steak dressed in our burley beer batter and fried to a crispy golden. After that, we gussy it up w/ fresh spring mix, tomato slices, tangy red onion and house made ranch on a grilled ciabatta bun. Available buffalo style for $1
-Recommendation: The Pussy Riot. Our take on the ever-popular Moscow Mule. House infused ginger vodka poured over muddled limes and our own ginger infused simple syrup with soda water. A refreshing and sweet pairing to one of our most popular sandwiches.

The Citizen Fish – A beer battered and fried soy fish filet coupled with creamy house made slaw and tangy red onion served on a locally baked ciabatta roll spread with house made vegan tartar sauce. This thing is just stupid good! $12
-Recommendation: Flower Traveler. For those wanting something a bit more well mannered, try some floral lavender infused vodka mixed with house lemonade in a pint glass. Pairing the sweet and sour with the flowery lavender makes for a delicious compliment to this mouth watering sandwich. 

The Bell Toll – Our take on Philly’s finest. House made steak strips topped with kickass caramelized onions, red bell peppers, button mushrooms, roasted garlic aioli and house made smokey provolone sauce served on a locally baked ciabatta. Served with house made au jus.
-Recommendation: The Agent Orange. An Old Fashion style cocktail with house infused orange/vanilla bourbon, muddle orange and cherries, sugar and topped off with bubbly soda water. A deceptively smooth, high proofed pairing to a classic sandwich

Pig DestroyerPulled “pork” slow cooked in Carolina style BBQ with all the necessary tang and bite topped with our house made creamy slaw and tangy red onions in a toasted hoagie roll. It’s saucy, drippy, messy, and utterly delicious.
Recomendation: Far Beyond Driving. A burley boilermaker of ginger infused bourbon mixed into a pint of white IPA. Walk on home, boy. 

Sides: $2 w/ a sandwich or $5 solo
potato salad
creamy cole slaw
chips and salsa
side salad w/ green godless dressing 
fries (as side w/ entree $2 or a plate w/ garlic aioli for $5)

Sauce $1 (such as ranch, garlic aioli, buffalo etc)

$0.50 added for each box used on togo orders.


Tacos! $8

2 double stacked corn tortillas warmed on the griddle and filled with goodies. Served with a side of tortilla chips and fire-roasted tomato salsa.

More Cumin Than Cumin – Succulent strips of carne asada style seitan tempered in a tequila marinade and topped with fresh jalapeño/cilantro/tequila/agave slaw, home made fire-roasted tomato salsa, spruced red onion and creamy, spicy baja sauce.
-Recommendation: High on Fire margarita. Tequila infused with fiery habaneros and mixed with a pour of triple sec and our house sour mix in a salt rimmed pint. Spicy, sweet, sour, salty and alcoholic all in one. What more could you want?

The Flipper – Strips of beer battered and fried soy fish paired with fresh cabbage and spruced red onion with a dangerous tequila/agave/jalapeño/cilantro slaw and house made baja sauce. These may be the best vegan fish tacos you’ve ever eaten. $10
Recommendation: The Ahab. This sweet and dessert like cocktail is made with rum infused with fresh cut pineapple, Grand Marnieir, and some sweetener shaken and served neat in a chilled martini glass.

Day Tripper – (Gluten free! Soy free on request) Portobello mushroom, roasted red pepper, and zucchini strips seasoned and grilled for the perfect bite, topped with fresh tequila/agave/jalapeño/cilantro slaw, tangy red onion, fire-roasted tomato salsa and creamy, spicy baja sauce.
Recommendation: The Electric Wizard. This floral yet gentle gin cocktail incorporates the subtleness of cucumber and the smoothness of mint with herby Aperol liqueur into a mildly tangy and refreshing drink.

Liberal Animation- (Gluten free!) Slow roasted tofu seasoned with garlic, onion, red bell pepper, button mushrooms and some other delicious seasoning stuffs we’re keeping safe and secret. Top it off with fresh tequila/agave/jalapeño/cilantro slaw, tangy red onion, fire-roasted tomato salsa and creamy, spicy baja sauce
-Recommendation: The Sugar Skull. Like a tequila sunrise, ours is infused with fresh strawberries and mixed with muddled lime, orange juice and simple syrup. To round it off, a cassis float layers a sweet and boozy purple haze to it’s base.

Soylent Green – (Gluten free!) Tender morsels of soy-chicken simmered w/ green chilis, onion, garlic and serrano peppers topped with crunchy slaw and creamy baja sauce in doubled corn tortillas. Disclaimer: it’s not people.
-Recommendation: The Iron Maiden. Wash these down with a jazzed up long island ice tea made with house infused vanilla vodka, strawberry tequila, and pineapple rum. The boozy and fruity cocktail creates a wonderful compliment to the spicy and savory tacos! Hallowed be thy name. 

$0.50 added for each box used on togo orders.

 Pub Grub

Pickle spears – sliced dill pickles beer battered and fried golden w/ a side of dipping ranch. These little things are delicious! $8

Poutine (Gluten free!) – House cut fries topped w/ our rich, gluten free brown gravy and garlicky cheese curds. $8

Satan fingers – Our infamous seitan strips breaded and fried like the standard chicken finger. Served with dippers: ranch, buffalo sauce, carrots, and celery $8

Fish and chips – Strips of delicious beer battered and fried soy fish atop a bed of house fries and a side of tar tar sauce. This plate is $10

Nachos – House made chips covered in our delicious sauce, sour cream, jalapeños, olives, fresh onions, tomatoes, and cilantro $8
add vegan carne asada for $2

Corn dog – One hearty Field Roast frankfurter breaded in our house made batter and fried golden brown. Served with a side of jalapeno/beer mustard $7

Green chili chicken quesadilla – Our house made shredded pepper jack cheese melted inside a flour tortilla w/ green chili roasted chicken pieces. Served w/ red and green dipping salsa $7

$0.50 added for each box used on togo orders.