Queens of Noise Festival

Alice Bag

Ichi Bichi, Itchy Kitty, Klondike Kate, Madame Damnable, Having Issues

Ages 21+
Queens of Nose Festival

Alice Bag - 1230 - Main stage

Itchy Kitty (SPO) 1150 - 1220 Small stage

Klondike Kate (TAC) 1110 - 1140 Main stage

Madame Damnable (SEA) 1030-11 Small stage

Having Issues (SEA) 910-940 Small stage

Post Rapture Party (SEA) 830-9 Main stage

Dead On Cue (SEA) 750-820 Small stage

The Heels (SEA) 710-740 Main stage

Mallory (SEA) 630-7 Small stage

Proceeds go to Peoria Home. Here is their mission statement-

OUR MISSION: Provide sanctuary and support for women survivors of sex trafficking and prostitution.”


Venue Information:
210 Broadway East
Seattle, WA, 98102