Mechanismus Festival Passport Bundle [1]

Mechanismus Festival Passport Bundle

Mechanismus Festival Passport Bundle [1]

The Walking Wounded, The Gothsicles, Peter Turns Pirate, Pill Brigade, Webdriver Torso, Missing Witness, LEGION WITHIN, Dead Animal Assembly Plant, Mixed Messages, Blakk Glass, Wychdoktor, The Blood of Others, Black Agent, VOICECOIL

Wed, May 2, 2018 - Sun, May 6, 2018

Doors: 8:00 pm / Show: 9:00 pm


This event is 21 and over

Assemblage 23
Assemblage 23
10 years after the release of Assemblage 23's debut album "Contempt" comes "Compass", the sixth album from the one-man project. The album is preceded by a 5-track maxi-single entitled "Spark", which includes 2 exclusive b-sides as well as remixes from Combichrist and Jade Puget of AFI & Blaqk Audio. "Compass" will be available in two formats: a limited, 2-disc version containing an extra 3 new songs, as well as remixes from Burikusu!!! and KMFDM, and a regular, 10-track version. Each version will have its own unique artwork.

Assemblage 23's previous album "Meta" hinted at some change to the band's sound, and "Compass" provides perhaps the most dramatic evolution in style so far. "Compass" was composed with the idea of simply making good, electronic songs without being overly concerned with fitting into specific trappings of genre. Although A23's signature sound is still evident, this time the band takes cues from electro-house, post-punk, and the indie electronics scene.
Decoded Feedback
Decoded Feedback
Canadian elektro/industrial duo founded in 1993.
Unter Null
Unter Null
The sole creation of Erica Dunham, material began to be written under the moniker of Unter Null in the year 1998. After years of classical piano training, as well as cello and guitar, the foray into electronic music began.

Unter Null's sound could be described as equal parts melody and noise,, venom balanced with sentiment, and a blend of sounds influenced by a wide variety of genres spanning from industrial, classical, black metal, and IDM.

Unter Null has come to represent a complete reassessment of the direction of the project, both in the writing and live performance aspects of Unter Null. Supported by a full live band, the aggression of the album material is now fully reflected by a live dynamic that looks to span genre boundaries, and overcome scene isolation by incorporating the engaging elements of punk rock energy, metal ferocity, and the intensity, and club playability of industrial, and EBM.

Infectious and energetic music that combines elements of electro, industrial, ebm, dance, 80's, goth and pop.

Toronto based Jennifer Parkin is a performer, singer, songwriter, and the creator of electronic music project Ayria. Jennifer Parkin has become a bit of an icon in the underground electronic and industrial music scene with her unique writing, singing and performing style and music with an in-your-face sonic approach that combines electro, synth-pop, industrial, 80's dance, distorted gritty beats and synths, haunting melodies contrasted with angry distorted chanting all wrapped up with pop structures and catchy hooks.

Ayria has been intensively touring across the globe over the past 5 years gaining a very solid reputation for putting on energetic live performances with her keyboardist and electronic drummer in tow! A successful headlining 2011 Spring tour of both the U.S. West & North East this past April. And a full U.S. tour in 2010. Ayria has independently toured Jenn's home country of Canada, and then followed it up by touring the U.S.A and Europe opening for legendary band VNV Nation. Ayria has supported The Cruxshadows on two U.S. tours and a 2 month tour covering Europe & the UK just last year. Ayria has also performed in Japan, Russia and Mexico and played notable festival events such as Dragon*Con in Atlanta in 2009 and 2011, INFEST in the UK in 2010, KINETIK in 2009, as well as TRITON FESTIVAL in NYC in 2010. Ayria has also toured alongside bands: Combichrist, Project Pitchfork, and has played shows with Front Line Assembly and Front 242.

Not fitting into any one musical category has allowed Ayria to gain a very broad fan base of underground, goth, electro, industrial, dance, and various underground club scenes as well as appeal to more mainstream audiences. People have referred to Ayria as the darker version of Lady Gaga, or the industrial Madonna. Jenn grew up with strong and dramatic women like Madonna influencing her childhood musical tastes, but was always more a fan of the darker side of music and and fashion.

Next up, Jenn is currently finishing up a 4th CD titled "Plastic Makes Perfect" to be released in late 2012. Like the previous release "Hearts For Bullets", the new CD will also be produced in Canada by Sebastian R. Komor (ICON OF COIL, KOMOR KOMMANDO, MELT, ZOMBIE GIRL, etc.). Fans can once again expect a diverse release full of intense danceable and stompy electro songs, with dark melodies and lyrics full of self exploration but a further refined sound as Ayria pushes further ahead to once again create something unique and addictive.
nolongerhuman is the sole project of Clint Robertson. nolongerhuman has just released its second full length CD release, "Depersonalization"...
Focusing on the inhumanity in everyday life, the music is a direct response to everyday atrocities, with lyrics that are both political, personal, and sociological. Heavy distorted beats, screamed vocals, and incredibly aggressive keyboard work are brought together using found samples, movie samples, and real emotion. nolongerhuman is as much a diary of everyday life as it is an emotional experience. These aspects combine to create a punishing, thought-provoking act rarely found in any genre.
Covenant. It's a name that implies extraordinary commitment, a certain grandiosity, and a bond stronger than blood. As a name, Covenant—with its biblical overtones—was perhaps a bit ambitious for an upstart band of teenagers from southern Sweden armed with rudimentary electronics, but it ended up being extraordinarily fitting. Whether or not life subsequently imitated art or art subsequently imitated life is debatable, either way the band's moniker ended up perfectly summing up the vision, grandeur, and brotherhood that is the band itself.
God Module
God Module
God Module combines elements of EBM, Techno, Darkwave, Goth and Synth Pop to create a style of music that is as powerful as it is melodic. Pounding beats mix with unforgettable synth hooks, deranged film samples and creatively effected vocals to make up the sound that has undeniably become their own.

In 1999 Jasyn Bangert began creating electronic music under the name God Module. After 2 demos were sent to a mere handful of labels, God Module quickly inked a deal with Canadian based Inception Records. In 2000 the debut God Module CD Artificial was released in North America and immediately licensed to the German label Trisol for Europe. The CD received rave reviews from fans, DJs, and the music press worldwide.

The time in between this release and the follow up to Artificial was filled with change for the band. Jasyn not only made the decision to dismiss the other original member of God Module but also to leave Inception Records. Both decisions were made for the simple reason of insuring the future survival of God Module. As time passed both have proven to be very good choices for the band.

In 2002, God Module released the Perception EP on their new North American label Sector 9 Studios and their new European label Out Of Line Music. In addition to working with the new labels, Jasyn was now working with two new members of the band, Courtney Bangert and Byron C. Miller. While Jasyn still continued as the main programmer/writer/vocalist in the studio environment, Byron made a welcome addition to God Module in a live capacity. Courtney, who had appeared on all previous God Mod releases now simply stepped up her position as the female voice of God Module as well as a live keyboardist.

The second full length God Module CD Empath was released in 2003. The CD's title reflected a departure from the SCI FI themes of the debut God Module album and focused on an area far more personal to it's creator than exposed on earlier works. Empath was "A place where abstract emotion intertwines with the beauty and horror of human life." The year 2003 also saw the European debut of God Module live at the GothAM festival in Amsterdam closely followed by their German debut at Wave Gothic Treffen in Leipzig. The year ended with God Module headlining the UK festival INFEST Saturday with VNV Nation headlining Sunday.

God Module returned to Europe in 2004 to promote the successful re-release of their debut CD Artificial 2.0 with a full European tour with label mates Decoded Feedback. Later in the year God Module released the EP Victims Among Friends on Out Of Line and returned to Germany to take part in the Out Of Line Electro festivals along with Hocico, Icon Of Coil, System Syn and Spetsnaz. These shows were filmed by the Hamburg based Crazy Clips TV show and released on DVD as the Electroline Festival DVD on Out Of line Music and Metropolis Records.

October 2005 saw the release of God Module's eagerly anticipated third full length CD, Viscera. Easily the most brutally melodic sonic-assault yet to be created by the band, Viscera takes you deeper into the world within Jasyn's head than ever before. Tracks ranging from relentlessly aggressive dance floor assaults to violently beautiful mid tempo laments, made Viscera an unforgettable album.

Following no preconceived musical rules, Jasyn Bangert erratically experimented with various electronic music styles on their 2007 album, Let's Go Dark. From the scary grooves of the opening track "Spooky" to the female voiced, 80's inspired sounds of "Corpses" to the brainwashing dance hooks of "EVP" and the epic dark melodies of the instrumental "Falling," the progress and further maturity of the God Module sound is impossible to ignore.

Being one of the original purveyors of Spooky Dance Music©, God Module still know how to do it best. Eerie synth lines, crushing beats, and vocals that change from a whisper to a subdued growl at the blink of an eye are just a few things that describe all things God Module. As a teaser to their upcoming 2010 album, Metropolis is proud to present The Magic In My Heart Is Dead EP. Featuring four new tracks and six remixes, the EP also contains a cover of Gary Numan's "Me, I Disconnect From You."
Cervello Elettronico
Cervello Elettronico
Taken from the Italian phrase for a computer that literally translates to electronic brain, Cervello Elettronico is the electronic music act founded by David Christian [aka Snarf].
Influenced by 80s Industrial and 90s Electronica, the project's inception in 2001 contributed to a new underground scene growing in the New York City area. Several demos and self released EPs were sold and openly distributed throughout the internet before the act landed it's first live show supporting Manufactura and Terrorfakt in the spring of 2004 at NYC's legendary Albion night.

Since then Cervello Elettronico has performed more than 50 live performances all over the world including The Avalon in Los Angeles, Slimelight in London, Montreal, Mexico City, and at the Moritzbastei Leipzig, Germany for Planet Myer Day V.
Grendel started out in 1997 under a different name, but due to the band splitting up the name was changed into the current one. The name Grendel originates from a character in an old mythological tale entitled 'Beowulf'. In this tale a beast, namely Grendel, would lure people from the nearby villages and take them to the bottom of a marsh and drown them.

In the early part of 2000 the first promo CD was released which included the Dutch dance floor hit 'Strangers'. Within a very short period of time the promo was being played at many locations throughout the Netherlands and internationally (a.o. in Germany, Belgium and Spain).

Soon after this, Grendel started recieving requests for live gigs and [FLRS] (live synthesis & engineering) joined the band.

Half a year later the first demo CD was releases entitled 'Inhumane Amusement'. This demo caught the ear of the German record label NoiTekk (a sub-division of Black Rain records), which convinced the label to such an extent that they signed Grendel immediately. This demo was re-mastered, re-designed and released in combination with new material in 2000 as the band's debut album. This first release set the band's name and recieved praise from throughout the scene.

To follow this up, the "End of Ages EP" was released in 2002 and marked new territory for Grendel with tracks such as the international hit title-track "End of Ages", the pounding "Catastrophe" and the intrigueing "Noisome".

Next to this the EP was completed with remixes done by the bands Feindflug, Arzt+Pfusch and God Module. With the unorthodox and original use of orchestration, obscure samples incorporated with harsh and pounding EBM structures this release again recieved almost only great reactions from both the media and listeners and would set Grendel's sound for the future.

And most recently Grendel has recorded it's latest full-length release, entitled "Prescription : Medicide", which will be released in October/November 2003 on NoiTekk Records. This album takes you another step deeper into the world of [Grendel] with it's complex, yet harsh, pounding & danceable structures, dismal orchestration and distressed nature.

Soon after the recording of this album [FLRS] sadly had to depart from Grendel and was replaced by [4N1T4], who is currently performing with the band on stage.

Over the last few years Grendel has recieved many request for live gigs with bands such as Suicide Commando, Feindflug, XPQ-21, God Module, Terminal Choice, Das Ich, Blut Engel, Davantage and more plus performing at large & wellknown events such as the Leipzig Wave-Gotik Treffen, Maschinensturm & Xtreactor. Check out the live section for the most recent performances.

Next to this, Grendel has also recieved many remix requests from bands such as Lights of Euphoria, Bruderschaft, Infekktion, God Module, Plastic Noise Experience and more plus appeared on a good selection of quality compilation cd's.
Aesthetic Perfection
Aesthetic Perfection
It is not a comment on society.
It is not a forum for philosophy.
It is not your new voice.
It is not a revolution.
Without form, without ego or intention,
Aesthetic Perfection is music without a cause.
Influences are combined, songs composed.
Audio is recorded, edited, arranged and mixed.
Music designed without purpose.
The Walking Wounded
Ron Lipke and Kyle Porter have been creating music together for nearly a decade, participating in such bands as Dynamic Entry Tool, Control Keys, King Street Mission as well as several one off albums and film scores.

Ron Lipke is an accomplished player of many instruments, a poet, performance artist and veteran of the Seattle music scene. In addition to writing and performing original folk music, he is an artist, a craftsman and repairer of all things with strings.

Kyle Porter has been recording music for more than a decade, from solo projects to bands involving six or more performers, he has written and recorded hundreds of hours of material. Kyle is the founder and creative director of Unsound America, an internet "label" and stable for the numerous projects U/A has produced over the years. Kyle is also the director of the documentary "Unwasted: The Future of Business on Earth," an unpublished author, and a visual artist.
The Gothsicles
The Gothsicles
The Gothsicles are Dance Desperados that hail from Chicago and are fronted by Brian Graupner. From dimensional rifts and the sea's cold abyss emanates Hyperactive Industrial that's fully combustible. It's mostly four on the floor EBM for nerds.
Peter Turns Pirate
Pill Brigade
"[Eight] years and three albums into their career, Legion Within are a steadily rising force in the arena of modern music, complete with the KMFDM seal of approval."
~ ReGen Magazine.

Founded in 2000 by songwriter and vocalist William Wilson, Legion Within has weathered a few band-member changes. The line-up for Mouth of Madness, Wilson (vocals, guitar), Shannon Cole (guitars), Erica Butler-Branch (bass), Aaron Nicholes (percussion) and Jasyn Byrum (synth), is their strongest yet.

Wilson's romantic tenor vocals have been compared to David Bowie and Peter Murphy, while his minimalist and ebo-laden guitar style has drawn more consistent comparisons to Daniel Ash. Cole has been with Legion Within from its inception. His echoing "whale sounds" guitar style is evidence of his Pink Floyd and King Crimson influences. Long-time member Butler-Branch has been writing with Wilson for seven years. She's been performing music since five years old, is a multi-instrumentalist (including clarinet and drums) and has played bass in punk, goth and prog bands. Recent additions Nicholes and Byrum create a hard-hitting, electronic and industrial base on which to build. Their modern foundation supports the darkwave soundscapes that Wilson, Cole and Butler construct.

Legion Within have shared the stage with many great artists including KMFDM, Nitzer Ebb, Peter Murphy, Voltaire, and Collide.

Mouth of Madness:
Their first formal release thru KMFDM Records, Mouth of Madness displays Legion Within as a mature band who have blended darkwave and industrial into their own distinctive genre of dark rock.

Crafting Mouth of Madness over two years was an arduous process. Written throughout a time when band member's lives were rife with personal tragedy and upheaval, disquiet lays heavy within the music. The songs range from romance, escapism, and tragedy to tongue-in-cheek dark humor and flights of sadistic fancy.

Bouncing back from the industrial political-angst of 07's the empty men, Mouth of Madness embraces the current political and emotional climate with a firm hand. William Wilson calls it, "Courageous Nihilism. From day one we are all doomed. But that's just the way it is, we deal with it."
Dead Animal Assembly Plant
Dead Animal Assembly Plant
VOICECOIL is a Denver, Colorado - based electronic dance producer. With performance's ranging from DJ sets to live electronic music, Voicecoil aims is to bring you emotionally evocative dance music.
Venue Information:
210 Broadway Ave E
Seattle, WA, 98122