King Dude, Kate Clover, Maggot Heart, Profit Prison

King Dude

Kate Clover

Maggot Heart

Profit Prison

Sat, May 18, 2019

9:00 pm

$14.00 - $17.00

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This event is 21 and over

King Dude
King Dude
In a time when American folk music has lost touch with its bloody roots, King Dude seeks to illuminate
the darkness with sex, death, love, insanity, and Lucifer’s light. Since 2006, his devotional rock ‘n’ roll has
been both the medium and the message; his throaty baritone and devilishly visceral songwriting the tools
he wields to ignite the fiery spirit of revelation in all who encounter him.
Thanks to past releases on Dais, Avant!, Bathetic, Clan Destine, and Ván records, a number of
high-profile festival appearances, and a relentless tour schedule—often alongside the likes of Ghost and
Earth—the silver-tongued singer/songwriter has found an ever-expanding global audience with whom to
share his prophetic vision of hope and salvation: a willing congregation whose raised voices and
stomping feet reliably turn his shows into Luciferian tent revivals.
King Dude is a blue-eyed Mephistopheles with an acoustic guitar; he dresses like Johnny Cash and sings
like he cut in line in front of Robert Johnson at the crossroads. His voice can shift from haunting and
vulnerable to thunderous near-Biblical fury in the space of a breath, marrying the sacred to the profane
with pomp, circumstance, and a curled lip. He sings about death the way he sings about fucking. With
inspiration torn from country, blues, Americana, and British folk (and a background in heavy metal), King
Dude’s raw, hypnotic hymns channel the past while staring straight ahead into a revelatory future.
Maggot Heart
Maggot Heart
The city that never sleeps and struggles to pay the rent is the main inspiration for Maggot Heart - based in, and inspired by the dark and seductive urban jungle that is Berlin, Germany.
Spear-headed by singer, guitarist and songwriter Linnéa Olsson, the project first took form in 2016. By then, the native Swede had already made a name for herself in the international metal and rock scene over the past decade, starting out as guitarist in the underground darlings Sonic Ritual in 2007, and then getting her breakthrough as the main songwriter and guitarist in The Oath, which she founded in 2012. With one single and one album release via the legendary UK label Rise Above Records, The Oath quickly gained worldwide recognition and earned rave reviews across the board. During the short time the band was active, the band toured with rock giants Ghost, and to date their debut album has sold over 10 000 physical copies in Europe alone.

After the break-up of The Oath in 2014, Linnéa was quickly scouted to join the Finnish buzz band Beastmilk on guitar. The bands debut album ”Climax” (Svart Records) is widely recognized as a modern classic which paved the way for a new wave of post-punk and goth-influenced bands in heavy music. Beastmilk toured with Swedish band In Solitude (Metal Blade Records) in Europe later that year, effectively putting Linnéa back in touch with her old friend Uno Bruniusson, drummer for In Solitude.

In Solitude had by then released three albums and over 13 years of existence established themselves as one of heavy metal music’s most well-respected and influential young bands. Among their accomplishments are several successful European and North American tours and high-profile festival appearances - including the prestigious Decibel Tour in 2012 together with Behemoth, Watain and The Devil’s Blood, Roadburn Festival and Hellfest. They also toured with giants Cradle of Filth in 2014. In 2013 their third and final album ”Sister” was consistently featured on yearly ”Best of” lists in music publications all over the world, and the album was also nominated for a Swedish P3 Guld Award for ”Rock/Metal album of the year”. It is today considered a game-changer of the contemporary heavy metal genre.

As Beastmilk went through a name- and lineup-change in 2015, Uno joined Linnéa and the band on drums, and together the newly baptized Grave Pleasures signed a recording deal with Sony in Europe, and Metal Blade in the USA. In 2015 they released a full-length album called ”Dreamcrash” to critical success, and toured extensively all over Europe and the UK.

Eager to front her own project, and to do it as an independent artist, Linnéa formed Maggot Heart in 2016, bringing Uno with her once again on drums. By now she had permanently settled in the German capital city, where she teamed up with the local, underground label Teratology Sound & Vision for a licensed release of the debut EP ”City Girls” in 2017.

The EP was praised as one of the best rock releases of that year by publications and influencers, like Darkthrone's Fenriz – who played Maggot Heart on his radio show. By the end of 2017, Swedish radio picked the song ”No Light in You” as one of the 50 best songs of the year on their culture channel. During 2017, the band started playing live, adding Olivia Airey on bass. In October the single and video for ”Show Them Your Teeth” was released, and premiered via Decibel Magazine.

In December that year, the band flew to Stockholm to record in Studio Cobra, together with award-winning producer Martin ”Konie” Ehrencrona. Konie is known for his work as recording engineer, producer and mixer of some of Sweden's biggest artists including Hello Saferide and Mando Diao. The album, titled ”Dusk to Dusk” was released in July 2018, and earned high reviews in music publications all over the world.

Buzz around the band grew steady over 2018, as the band completed three European tours, including one as direct support to the legendary Canadian band Voivod on their 35th Anniversary Tour in September. Other high points include a performance at the very prestigious festival Roadburn in Holland and a nomination for ”Best Rock/Metal Album of the year” at the P3 Guld Awards in Sweden.

During this relatively short time the band has been active, Linnéa Olsson has managed to build a rapidly growing following – despite the fact that she consciously has chosen not to promote her music on social media. As a female musician, she has also become something of a contemporary feminist symbol, in a musical genre dominated by men. Her songwriting and guitar playing has over and over again been noted for its uniqueness and high quality, as has the Maggot Heart live shows for their intensity and emotional charge.
Profit Prison
Profit Prison
Synthpop/darkwave project from Seattle, Washington, USA.
Venue Information:
210 Broadway Ave E
Seattle, WA, 98122