Mechanismus Presents Grendel / Striplicker / Glass Apple Bonzai / Esoterik

Mechanismus Presents Grendel / Striplicker / Glass Apple Bonzai / Esoterik

Mechanismus Presents Grendel / Striplicker / Glass Apple Bonzai / Esoterik

STRIPLICKER, Glass Apple Bonzai, Esoterik

Tue, July 23, 2019

Doors: 9:00 pm / Show: 9:00 pm

$20.00 - $25.00

This event is 21 and over

Grendel started out in 1997 under a different name, but due to the band splitting up the name was changed into the current one. The name Grendel originates from a character in an old mythological tale entitled 'Beowulf'. In this tale a beast, namely Grendel, would lure people from the nearby villages and take them to the bottom of a marsh and drown them.

In the early part of 2000 the first promo CD was released which included the Dutch dance floor hit 'Strangers'. Within a very short period of time the promo was being played at many locations throughout the Netherlands and internationally (a.o. in Germany, Belgium and Spain).

Soon after this, Grendel started recieving requests for live gigs and [FLRS] (live synthesis & engineering) joined the band.

Half a year later the first demo CD was releases entitled 'Inhumane Amusement'. This demo caught the ear of the German record label NoiTekk (a sub-division of Black Rain records), which convinced the label to such an extent that they signed Grendel immediately. This demo was re-mastered, re-designed and released in combination with new material in 2000 as the band's debut album. This first release set the band's name and recieved praise from throughout the scene.

To follow this up, the "End of Ages EP" was released in 2002 and marked new territory for Grendel with tracks such as the international hit title-track "End of Ages", the pounding "Catastrophe" and the intrigueing "Noisome".

Next to this the EP was completed with remixes done by the bands Feindflug, Arzt+Pfusch and God Module. With the unorthodox and original use of orchestration, obscure samples incorporated with harsh and pounding EBM structures this release again recieved almost only great reactions from both the media and listeners and would set Grendel's sound for the future.

And most recently Grendel has recorded it's latest full-length release, entitled "Prescription : Medicide", which will be released in October/November 2003 on NoiTekk Records. This album takes you another step deeper into the world of [Grendel] with it's complex, yet harsh, pounding & danceable structures, dismal orchestration and distressed nature.

Soon after the recording of this album [FLRS] sadly had to depart from Grendel and was replaced by [4N1T4], who is currently performing with the band on stage.

Over the last few years Grendel has recieved many request for live gigs with bands such as Suicide Commando, Feindflug, XPQ-21, God Module, Terminal Choice, Das Ich, Blut Engel, Davantage and more plus performing at large & wellknown events such as the Leipzig Wave-Gotik Treffen, Maschinensturm & Xtreactor. Check out the live section for the most recent performances.

Next to this, Grendel has also recieved many remix requests from bands such as Lights of Euphoria, Bruderschaft, Infekktion, God Module, Plastic Noise Experience and more plus appeared on a good selection of quality compilation cd's.
Glass Apple Bonzai
Glass Apple Bonzai
Glass Apple Bonzai is the solo synthpop / synthwave project of Daniel Belasco, from Toronto (Canada).
A sonic trip into the darker, moodier parts of the 1980's synth movement.
Aptly titled "Depressionwave" by some random person on the internet.
Esoterik is a Darkwave, Synth driven, band located in Oklahoma City. The band was formed in Early 2013 by Allison Eckfeldt (vocals), and Brady Bledsoe (Electric Guitar, Bass, Electronic Drums, Keyboards, vocals and synthesizers) They combine 80's Synthpop, and Dark Wave with Electronic Dance.

Meet the members:

Allison Eckfeldt. "She's the fucked up version of Cyndi Lauper"; Allison is the vocalist of Esoterik and a Turquoise Tornado on stage. Allison contributes to Esoterik not only with her vocals but also by writing lyrics and creating all of Esoterik's album artwork. Allison is well known for her youtube channel 'Kazlovesbats' which has over 35,500 subscribers.

Brady Bledsoe. A musical mastermind; Brady composed all of Esoterik's songs. He performs on Vocals, electric guitar, keys and synth. Brady also is the creative mind behind lyrics and writes a great deal of Esoterik's substance.
Venue Information:
210 Broadway Ave E
Seattle, WA, 98122